1975 PT. Timur Jaya was established as an aluminium houseware manufacturer by Mr. Budi Agusalim, the factory

is located within the city of surabaya.
1977 The company ceased production of aluminium houseware and started production of fasteners (bolt & nut).
1979 The company changed its name to PT. Timur Megah Steel as it is known now.
1981 The factory location was moved to its present location in Driyorejo, Gresik.
1987 The company started production of high tensile fateners.
1987 PT Forgindo Prima Steel was established as a sister company to PT. Timur Megah Steel.
1988 The company started its first export busines to the U.S.A.
1992 Group production capacity had been raised to 7500 MT per month.
1996 The company acquire Torque Control Bolt production know-how from Shinko Bolt of Japan and gained production license.
1998 The company’s testing laboratory acquired cerification for ISO Guide 25 and the Fastener Quality Act (FQA).
2000 PT. Jawa Metalindo Prima Industri located in Trosobo, Sidoarjo, was established as another sister company to PT. Timur Megah Steel
2002 The company started implementing ISO 9002 Quality System.
2004 Export sales reached 35% of total production turnover, the highest in company history.
2006 Group production capacity has been raised to 12000 MT per month.
2011 The company started implementing ISO 9001:2008 Quality System.
2010 The company started O.E.M. business, catering to automotive industry.
2018 The company started implementing ISO 9001:2015 Quality System.
2022 The company started implementing ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management System.
2022 PT. Forgindo Prima Steel merged into PT. Timur Megah Steel.
2023 The company started implementing Occupational Safety And Health Management System.